The club encourages its members to take every step possible to minimise the impact of heart disease in the breeding stock.

To assist in this role we seek regular updates of the heart status of club member's Cavaliers to aid with breeding selections and give background confidence to those actively working towards the goal of improved MVD results and longevity in our breed. The following dogs and bitches have clear MVD certificates recorded with the club.

Tiki Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Heart Clear Listing
  Name DOB Owner Date Tested
Aus & NZ Ch Chevalove Foreign Affair 01/10/2011 K Munro 19/02/2014
  Darilance Bit of a Cracker 11/07/2005 W Hardaker 21/01/2015
Ch Darilance Crystal Crackle 14/03/2005 J Eatock 08/06/2015
  Darilance Happenchance 16/03/2008 A Pirini & M Morse 11/11/2015
Ch Darilance Just Cracking 11/07/2005 J Eatock 11/08/2015
  Darilance Lesotho Brown 26/02/2009 M McKeown 27/07/2015
  Darilance Montrice 30/01/2010 R. Riddell 23/04/2015
Ch Darilance Montrogue 30/01/2010 J Eatock 31/01/2014
Ch Darilance Porter Rhodes 26/02/2009 S. Subritzky 12/03/2015
  Darilance Pretentious 03/04/2013 M & B Tolley 18/03/2015
Ch Darilance Rosser Reeves 26/02/2006 J Eatock 30/06/2015
  Darilance Taradiddle 09/03/2011 J Eatock 06/01/2015
Ch Darilance Vera Krupp 26/02/2009 J Eatock 15/10/2015
  Donell Ulysses 05/12/2001 G Maisey 29/04/2014
Ch Donell Waterlily 10/07/2005 G Maisey 14/01/2014
  Drakkar Web of Mystery 28/10/2001 A Calder-Mew 12/12/2013
  Du Maurier Gypsy Princess for Darilance 28/03/2013 J Eatock 15/10/2015
Ch Katric Touch of Spirit 11/11/2008 K Jones 13/01/2014
  Kimberglen Love Match for Darilance 14/09/2003 R. Robertson 05/01/2015
Ch Merseyport Carter of Darilance 17/12/2006 J Eatock 20/12/2013
  Merseyport Penny Lane for Darilance 15/06/2012 A Pirini & M Morse 04/08/2015
Aus & NZ Ch Merseyport Poppycock of Darilance 26/12/2008 J Eatock 04/03/2015
Aus Sup & NZ Ch Redcrest Royal Treasure 21/09/2010 S Walker 05/11/2015
Ch Redcrest Royal Gem 21/09/2010 C. Buckley 25/09/2015
Ch Redcrest Royal Momento 15/12/2005 S Walker 19/01/2014
Ch Shadola Limelight 27/04/2005 K Jones 13/05/2014